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Top 10 Tips for Parents Getting Kids Ready for Back to School

By: The ellaslist Team, 14 July 2022

Whether it's the start or halfway through the year, there are a lot of big feelings around the return to school. There's a sense of opportunities, the delight of seeing friends and lots of exciting adventures ahead - but there are also the inevitable feelings of anxiety and nerves. 

With the help of Education NSW, we're sharing this handy guide on the top 10 things to check before sending the kids back to school. 

Top 10 Tips for Parents Getting Kids Ready for Back to School 

1. Find school equipment and check uniforms and shoes still fit - your child might have grown over the holidays! Give yourself enough time to organise replacements or a uniform alternative if needed. 

2. Encourage your child to check their school timetable if needed, pack their school bag, and get their lunch box, drink bottle and uniform ready. 

3. Plan for making lunch boxes again. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is crucial for kids of all ages, and it's never too late to start teaching your little ones healthy eating habits. Since they'll be eating most of their meals at school during the school term, ensure they're getting a good dose of nutrition with these healthy options. If their lunchbox has seen better days, it might be time to spring for a new one from our list of the best school lunch boxes.

4. Promote positive conversations. Let your little ones know that school staff are looking forward to seeing them. If they feel nervous or worried (particularly if they are starting at a new school or starting Kindy), help them understand this is a normal reaction and that you and their teachers are there to support them. 

5. The pandemic isn't quite over. It's been a big winter for illness. Remind your child that everyone at school is working hard to ensure everyone is safe and that anyone unwell will stay home. Remind them to practise proper hygiene by washing their hands thoroughly and coughing and sneezing into their sleeve. 

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Handy tips for back to school time. 

6Look at your school's website, Facebook page and newsletters to learn about new or updated procedures that may have been introduced, such as changes to parents' access to the school grounds, drop-off and pick-up points as well as new rules such as wearing face masks or hygiene standards. 

7. Allow more time than usual on the first morning back to school to calmly get ready. Take your child to school if that will help build a greater sense of security. Alternatively, encourage your child to meet with a friend before school and travel together. 

8. Routines help provide certainty and increase feelings of security, so they will help to re-establish routines and plan for the return. After-school routines to review the day's learning and complete homework tasks will also be important. 

9. Provide opportunities for your child to play and relax at the end of the day. Returning to school can be a big deal, especially after lockdown. Give them the freedom to unwind in their safe space (at home) after a long day at school. Extra cuddles are always welcome!

10. Remember your school is there to help – contact them with any concerns or issues you might have. 

If you're looking for more help with the back-to-school routine, head over to the NSW Government education site. 

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