WildNets Port Macquarie is Australia‚Ěús Largest Suspension Playground

By: Joey Richards, 08 March 2024

Get ready to scale to new incredible heights at Australia's largest suspension playground.

WildNets Port Macquarie is the name of the incredible playground that opened in September 2022 and is unlike any playground we've seen in a long time. Aside from being built a few storeys off the ground amidst a gorgeous gumtree canopy, WildNets is the first Australian playground to be built around the world’s first koala breeding program by Koala Conservation Australia - incredible!

WildNets Port Macquarie is Australia's Largest Suspension Playground

WildNets Port Macquarie
WildNets Port Macquarie

WildNets is a cutting-edge treetops experience that has been designed to be accessible for all and is part of the $3-million-dollar Guulabaa tourism precinct. 

Guulabaa means ‘place of koala’ in Gathang indigenous language, which fits perfectly as the aim is to create an award-winning tourist precinct providing nature-based experiences that focus on koala conservation, sustainable forest management through traditional Aboriginal practices, as well as treetop adventures and education.

WildNets Port Macquarie
Jump amongst the treetops!

The setting of WildNets is quite spectacular - 39 kilometres of rope and cable have been built within the gum tree canopy of Cowarra State Forest in Port Macquarie. There are colourful ball pits, slides, interactive toys, and giant inflatable balls that cast rainbow shadows on the forest floor.

WildNets Port Macquarie
Get ready to scale the suspension bridges.

Kids and kids-at-heart can bounce, run or walk over the vast play spaces and suspension bridges. Plus, there are hammocks available, or you can climb into the treehouses for a bird’s-eye view of the mid-north coast koala habitat.

"It has been wonderful to see the precinct gradually take shape, first with the road and bridge and now with WildNets' nets and rooms in the treetops,” says Sue Ashton, Chairperson of Koala Conservation Australia.

"WildNets will offer visitors places to jump, slide, play and laugh in amongst the trees and help people to appreciate nature, the outdoors and wildlife, including our unique koalas."

Koala Conservation

Cowarra State Forest
Koalas at Cowarra State Forest.

Australia's largest suspension playground has been built around Australia's first koala breeding program by Koala Conservation Australia, which puts our beloved koalas front and centre of the action at WildNets.

Visitors enjoying a day of climbing, running, scaling, playing and more will also be able to view the nearby koalas doing their thing in the surrounding gumtrees. Plus, 50 per cent of the profits from WildNets go straight into koala conservation.

To further celebrate our beloved koala, Guulabaa is also home to The Big Koala, a two-and-a-half-metre tall fibreglass sculpture, which is one of the newest additions to the famous Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail.

WildNets Location 

WildNets is located in Guulabaa, Cowarra State Forest, corner of Oxley Highway and Burrawan Drive, Lake Innes NSW.

Visit their Facebook page for more updates. 

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