BOUNCE Inc.❜s miniBOUNCE is the Ultimate Playground for Mini Bouncers

By: The ellaslist Team, 10 May 2024

Your youngest thrill-seekers are in for a treat at BOUNCE Inc.'s miniBOUNCE, the ultimate indoor playground designed specifically for toddlers up to six-year-olds.

Since the opening of their flagship venue in Canberra in 2011, BOUNCE Inc. have become a hotspot for families seeking a burst of joy and a safe space for kids to let loose.

BOUNCE Inc.'s miniBOUNCE is the Ultimate Playground for Mini Bouncers


If you have little bouncers in the house too young for the bigger indoor trampoline parks, miniBOUNCE offers an enchanting world of freestyle play that's tailor-made for the littlest adventurers. Little leapers from walking age up to six years can dive into activities that nurture their fundamental movement skills, spark creativity, and foster friendships.

Who's ready to tackle the rock climbing walls?

The Soft Play Area, a staple at all venues, is a vibrant, sensory-rich environment where toddlers can develop balance, coordination, and agility—all while having a blast.

For those looking to leap, tumble, and soar, the Free Jump Fun Box is a dream come true, encouraging imaginative play and skill progression. Specialty miniBOUNCE Zones and playgrounds peppered across various locations offer even more tailored fun.

Let loose on the slides!

While the kids discover the joys of active play, parents can snatch a well-deserved break, confident in the knowledge that their mini bouncers are exploring in a secure and supervised setting.

Whether it's bouncing, jumping, riding, or sliding, miniBOUNCE is the go-to destination for fun and development, making every visit a memorable adventure.

miniBOUNCE Locations

Cool and colourful ball pits.

There are miniBOUNCE Zones at all BOUNCE Inc.'s across Australia - visit the website to find your nearest venue.

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