Turn it up at the Best Sydney Restaurants With Live Music

By: Haylie Gordon, 22 March 2024

If you've ever found yourself torn between hitting up a gig or indulging in some top-tier eats, fret no more. Sydney's culinary maestros are turning up the volume, serving up a symphony of flavours with a side of live tunes at the best Sydney restaurants with live music that’ll have your toes tapping under the table.

From the hidden speakeasies echoing the jazz age to modern diners where the playlist is as carefully curated as the menu, we’re on the hunt for spots where the soundtrack rivals the sourdough. So, if your idea of a perfect evening involves bopping your head to live jazz, indie beats, or acoustic strings while savouring some seriously good grub, stay tuned!

Turn it up at the Best Sydney Restaurants With Live Music

1. Mama Saan

Mama Saan
Mama Saan

For a touch of Tokyo in Bondi, Mama Saan offers an eclectic Japanese fusion that promises to delight. And if you're looking for live jazz to accompany your Sunday arvo, you've come to the right place.

Under a canopy of cherry blossoms, sip on a Yuzu Mojito or a Nagano Wasabi Cosmo, and let the Sunday jazz wash over you. It's a blend of tradition and modernity, all wrapped up in one vibrant package.

Where: 57/59 Beach Rd, Bondi
When: Live jazz on Sundays from 5-8 pm

The Best Sydney Restaurants With a View

2. Koutouki


Koutouki in Leichhardt are dishing out Greek vibes so authentic, you’ll think you teleported straight to the streets of Athens.

Nestled snugly on Norton Street, this spot is slinging mezze that’ll make your tastebuds sing louder than their live Greek bangers every Friday and Saturday night. As for the food – their Grilled Octopus is like a seaside holiday in your mouth, and don’t even get me started on the Spanakopita and beef Moussaka – it's the stuff of legends. And for the grand finale? Dive into a world of sweet bliss with Baklava and Galaktoboureko.

So, if you’re all about that good food, great vibes, and even better tunes, Koutouki's your ticket to a Grecian escape right here in Sydney. 

Where: 138 Norton St, Leichhardt
When: live music Friday and Saturday nights

3. Armorica


Get ready to dive into a world where the flavours of Paris meet the shores of Australia at Armorica.

Nestled on vibrant Crown Street, this spot has been making waves with its unique blend of Australian seafood with a French twist. Picture this: a custom-built grill, flames licking at fresh catches, and the classic steak frites redefined with sophisticated flair. Your tastebuds will sing with rich flavours, homemade pasta, and desserts so good, you'll be wiping away tears of joy. Don't forget to raise a glass (or deux) of their knockout house cocktails, like the zesty Petit Loulou. And for the cherry on top? They've got live jazz on Friday nights from 9 pm to keep your Parisian night alive long after dessert.

Where: 2/490 Crown St, Surry Hills
When: Live jazz on Fridays from 9 pm

4. Esteban

Sydney restaurants with live music

Take a trip south of the border with Esteban, where Mexico's heart and soul pulse through the streets of Sydney.

Here, food and music aren't just part of the menu; they're a way of life. Savour their authentic menu with a modern Aussie twist and let the mariachi vibes move you. It's an experience that fills the belly and warms the heart, especially on those first Saturdays filled with live tunes.

Where: 1 Temperance Ln, Sydney
When: Live music on the first Saturday of the month from 5-9 pm


NOMAD Surry Hills

Get ready to step into the world of NOMAD, where chef Jacqui Challinor reigns supreme.

This Sydney staple is more than just a dining destination; it's a celebration of top-notch produce, a charcoal grill sizzling with delights, house-made charcuterie, and a wine list that'll have you swooning. From woodfired flatbread to olive-oil ice cream sandwiches, every bite is a journey. And now, with live music filling the warehouse-style space, NOMAD isn't just a meal; it's an experience.

Where: 16 Foster St, Surry Hills
When: Live music daily from 1-5 pm

6. Restaurant Hubert

Restaurant Hubert
Restaurant Hubert

For a slice of Paris right in the heart of Sydney, there's no going past Restaurant Hubert.

It's a dreamy escape into a world of oysters, caviar, and steak tartare, set against a backdrop of live jazz that plays nightly. Whether it's your first visit or your hundredth, Restaurant Hubert promises a night of romance and classic French elegance.

Where: 15 Bligh St, Sydney 
When: Live music nightly

7. The Vanguard

Sydney restaurants with live music
The Vanguard

If you haven't caught wind of The Vanguard's buzz, where have you been?

This joint isn’t just another pin on the map; it’s the zenith of Sydney restaurants with live music with its concoction of delish grub, live tunes that'll have your soul dancing, and burlesque shows that’ll knock your socks off. 

Word to the wise though, this hotspot books up pretty quickly so you'd best lock in a table before it's too late. Oh, and while you're living your best life there, get your lips around a Perfect Lady Grey cocktail. It's a boozy hug of gin, Earl Grey tea, and crème de pêche that'll have you whispering sweet nothings into your glass. Yum is an understatement!

Where: 42 King St, Newtown
When: Live music most nights - check out the calendar

8. Oceans Narrabeen

Oceans Narrabeen
Oceans Narrabeen

Kick back with some live music at Oceans Narrabeen, the ultimate chill spot that's a hop, skip, and a jump from the sand.

Oceans is open from sunset to sundown with a menu bursting with flavour and some of the best coffees around. When the sun climbs higher, this place transforms. Think: ocean-fresh seafood, burgers that’ll make your heart sing, tacos, lush salads, and ribs that'll get your hands sticky. And when the thirst hits, their cocktails are legendary – don't go past the Oceans' signature espresso martini or a refreshing lychee and mint Bellini. But hey, it's not all about the grub and sips. Oceans is the spot to unwind with your mates, soak in some live tunes, and knock back a few cold ones.

Where: Cnr Ocean and Malcolm St, Narrabeen
When: Live music on Sundays from 3-6 pm

9. Live & Local at Harbord Diggers

Live and Local at Harbord Diggers
Live & Local at Harbord Diggers

Another great spot to catch some live music on the Northern Beaches, add Live & Local at Harbord Diggers to your weekend itinerary.

Live & Local at Harbord Diggers is the ultimate showcase that's all about giving props to our homegrown heroes. We're talking about a night filled with raw, original beats and the genius minds who create them.

Jump on board and be more than just a spectator; be a part of the movement. By rocking up, you're not just getting a night of killer music, you're giving a massive high-five to our local talent, helping them grow and set the stage alight.

Where: 88 Evans St, Freshwater
When: Live music from Friday-Saturday, 6-9 pm

10. ESQ Bar & Dining

ESQ Bar + Dining
ESQ Bar & Dining

Let's not forget the speakeasy allure of ESQ, hidden away in the QVB.

Step into the Roaring 20s with a drink in hand, surrounded by jazz tunes and an atmosphere dripping in Gatsby glamour. From world whiskies to old-world cocktails, it's a throwback to a time of decadence and style.

Where: 2/455 George St, Sydney
When: Live music on Thursdays and Friday from 5.30 pm til late

11. Menzies Bar

Menzies Bar
Menzies Bar

Swing by the Menzies Bar at Shell House for a taste of glamour with a side of jazz at one of our favourite Sydney restaurants with live music.

It's all about high-flying financier-inspired cocktails and a Sicilian twist on the classic margarita. Dive into the luxury with their signature lobster roll and let the Menzies Jazz Trio transport you to a New York state of mind every Tuesday from 7pm.

Where: 37 Margaret St, Sydney
When: Live music on Tuesdays from 7 pm

12. Bad Mama

Bad Mama
Bad Mama

The spirit of Taiwan meets Japan amidst a backdrop of Blade Runner vibes at Bad Mama in Surry Hills.

With live jazz, blues, and funk setting the scene every Thursday night, Bad Mama is the ultimate spot for those who love their meals with a side of soul.

Where: 403 Crown St, Surry Hills
When: Live music every Thursday from 7.30 pm

13. Mulan Music Restaurant and Bar

Mulan Music Restaurant and Bar
Mulan Music Restaurant and Bar

For Sydney restaurants with live music of the eclectic kind, step into Mulan Music Restaurant and Bar for a fusion of Cantonese and Sichuan spices paired with a kaleidoscope of musical talent.

From the light-up dance floor to the unique Watermelon Tower Cocktail, it's an experience that's as much a feast for the senses as it is for the appetite.

Where: Corner of Dixon & Liverpool St, Sydney
When: Live music daily from 5.30 pm

14. Babylon Rooftop

Babylon bar Sydney
Babylon Rooftop

For a taste of the Middle East with a Sydney twist, Babylon Rooftop is your go-to.

Revel in Levantine luxury with set menus perfect for sharing, and let the live music on Fridays and Saturdays transport you to a world where food and friends reign supreme.

Where: 7/188 Pitt St, Sydney
When: Live music on Fridays and Saturdays from 6-8 pm

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