Will it Rain on Christmas Day in Sydney 2023?

By: Joey Richards, 22 December 2023

Christmas is right around the corner, and the weather gurus have looked into their crystal weather ball and given us a prediction of whether you'll be dining al fresco or under Nana's pergola on 25 December 2023. 

Will it Rain on Christmas Day in Sydney 2023?

Will it rain on Christmas Day in Sydney 2023
Christmas weather in Sydney.

Argh, it's so hard to tell with Sydney weather being so up and down this year - the weather can change from hour to hour, can't it? BUT, we'll have to thank all our lucky stars because the forecast for Christmas weather in Sydney for 2023 looks not too shabby!

If the forecast is anything to go by, we're going to have hot and humid Christmas Day weather in Sydney for 2023. The temperature will be sitting at an awesome 24-28°C, however, the probability of a thunderstorm is sitting at 40 per cent.

Predicted precipitation is sitting at 44 per cent, so the question of will it rain on Christmas Day in Sydney 2023 could sadly be a maybe but hopefully, only for an hour or two. As mentioned, this can change from day to day, so we'll keep updating you as weather predictions come in.

The temperature will drop to a refreshing 20°C on Christmas night, and the probability of a thunderstorm will drop to 28 per cent. 

Boxing Day Weather in Sydney 2023

Boxing Day weather in Sydney 2023 is expected to be even hotter than Christmas Day, with a high of 28°C. The possibility of rain and thunderstorms is similar to Christmas Day with 65 per cent chance of rain and 59 per cent of thunderstorms, most likely in the evening - we'll take it!

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Summer Weather Predictions 2023

Will it rain on Christmas Day in Sydney 2023
El Nino in the Pacific.

Although it feels like Australia's summer has gotten off to a slow start, the weather experts are predicting hotter-than-average temperatures across Australia from December to February. This is due to the world's most consequential climate driver, El Nino, becoming increasingly active over the Pacific for the first time in eight years. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, "The onset of two major climate events means the remaining months of 2023 in Australia are likely to be hot and dry, particularly in the eastern states."  

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