Cluey Learning

Cluey Learning delivers a personalised, face-to-face online tutoring experience for students in Years 2-12, across Maths, English, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

We make learning support accessible and convenient so that tutoring can be booked at a time that suits each child’s schedule. Learning sessions take place live and online via our learning platform, which means students can log in from the comfort of home and work with their expert tutor without interrupting the family schedule.

All of our content is mapped to the Australian National Curriculum and is based on the unique learning needs of each individual. In this way, Cluey programs cover the topics each student is learning in class and specifically addresses each child’s challenges. All sessions are recorded and can be re-watched for future reference, and parents can see what their child has learned.

Thanks to the online nature of our approach, we’re able to source, train and quality check the best tutors from around Australia and make them available to any student, regardless of whether they live on a farm, in a big city, or in a small town between Milly Milly and Murgoo.

How Cluey tutors support student learning programs

  • Individualised attention.

  • Expert guidance through theory and examples.

  • Tailored practice questions.

  • Test prep. Comprehensive feedback after every session.

  • Fill knowledge gaps and bridge holes in understanding.

  • A focus on learning challenges to improve academic performance, build confidence and reduce stress.

Tutoring sessions

  • Live, face-to-face and online so you can learn from the comfort of your own home without adding another thing to the family schedule.

  • All sessions including demonstration, guided exercises and a review of previous practice work.

  • We match every student with one of our 1,625+ expert tutors based on their learning needs and individual requirements.

  • Sessions are designed to be fun and engaging, with access to interactive tools like collaborative whiteboards, video and audio capabilities.

Practice exercises

Your tutor will assign optional practice questions and exercises to work through between sessions designed to help you consolidate your knowledge and master each concept.

Regular reporting

Feedback after every session helps you keep track of your progress.

How Cluey supports schools

We offer a range of solutions to schools to fit the needs of your students and your timetable.

1-to-1 tutoring programs

English, Maths and Chemistry for individual students in Years 2-12 – intensive targeting and focus on individual learning needs.

Small group tutoring programs

Our tutors work together with up to five students (Years 3-10 in English or Maths) or a pair of students (Years 11-12 in English, Maths and Chemistry). Teachers assemble the groups based on your knowledge of your students.

National and State Curricula aligned programs

You can be confident that when your students are working with Cluey, they will be building on what they are doing in class.

Your dedicated Academic Advisor

Our School Academic Advisors are professionals that work with individual schools to offer a completely customised education solution and experience.

Personalised Learning

Nobody knows students’ personal learning needs better than their teachers. That’s why we work closely with teachers to ensure that each child has the right learning support and tutor. Our Education Faculty design and develop all personalised learning programs, including all the content, mapped to the curriculum and aligned to the specific syllabus areas.

Flexible and targeted

Learning with Cluey can happen when you want and where you want - during school, before school or after school. In a small group or 1-to-1. As often or as little as needed. And it’s all recorded, quality assured, and detailed reporting and feedback is provided to the teacher every week. So, you know that we’re always focussed on the learning that matters most.

Why partner with Cluey?

With the help of Cluey, you can provide uninterrupted attention to students who need it without disrupting or taking attention away from the rest of the class.

Relevance: We differentiate effectively, matching the learning programs and tutors to the needs of your students - from learning support to extension

Curriculum: Our education team ensures that all content covered is aligned to the curriculum and relevant to the needs of the students

Flexibility: Our tutors are completely flexible, and sessions can run during lesson time, at lunchtime, before or after school, depending on your timetable

Insight: All our tutoring sessions are recorded and we provide extensive post-session reporting so teachers know exactly what happens in our sessions, allowing them the benefit of our data and insights


Where are we? The answer is everywhere! With remote online learning, trigonometry doesn't have to involve traffic.

Our content is curated by our expert education team, mapped to the Australian National Curriculum and tailored to the topics your child is covering in class.

Tutoring sessions

With more than 1,450+ expert tutors Australia-wide, we can find the right help for you and book sessions from 7am to 10pm, 7 days per week.

Practice sessions

Cluey students have unlimited access to their online assigned practice exercises and session recordings for review.


For more information or to book a tutor, check the website, or call 1300 182 000.

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