13 Awesome Podcasts for Kids

By: Flora James, 03 January 2024

If you’re anything like the ellaslist team, you’re often to be found reaching for your headphones and plugging into a podcast when you’re doing chores, running errands or going for a walk. The popularity of podcasts has grown exponentially over the past few years with topics ranging from true crime and sports to health, parenting and everything in between. 

Luckily, in the same way that podcasts add a little something to your day, there’s also a tonne of podcasts for kids available that aim to inspire, educate or entertain your little ones. Here are our picks of the best podcasts for kids that your little loves are sure to listen to, laugh along with, and learn from. 

13 Awesome Podcasts for Kids 

1. ellaslist What's On Sydney Podcast

Podcasts for kids
ellaslist What's On Sydney Podcast

Well, we don't mean to toot our own horn, but we think the ellaslist What's On Sydney Podcast is pretty awesome!

If you don't have time to browse all the latest events, activities, and cool things to do in Sydney, why not listen to a weekly to-do list from the comfort of your speakers?! The ellaslist What's On Sydney Podcast is every parent's essential go-to weekly guide. Sharing a treasure trove of things to do in Sydney and surrounds, we showcase the latest happenings, and best events worth knowing about with insider tips and reviews from the ellaslist team and guests. Happy listening!

2. The Past & the Curious 

The best podcasts for kids
A  history podcast that will fascinate both kids and parents. 

Not to be confused with The Fast & The Furious movie franchise, The Past & The Curious is a history podcast that covers a whole range of topics - we're talking George Washington, spies, the history of certain foods, and even the evolution of technology!

This podcast strikes the perfect balance of being funny, engaging, and incredibly educational. And it's a hit with parents and teachers alike. Suitable for kids over age 10. 

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3. Play School: Ears On

The best podcasts for kids
Play School Ears On

If your little ones can't get enough of Play School, now they can listen to their favourite characters to their heart's content!

Play School: Ears On is one of the best podcasts for kids who are keen to go on adventures with their favourite Play School characters and some special guests!

4. Circle Round

Taking delightful folktales from around the world and turning them into sound- and music-rich radio plays for kids ages four to 10.

The 10- to 20-minute Circle Round episodes explore a range of themes, including kindness, persistence, and generosity. And each episode ends with an activity that inspires a deeper conversation between children and their grown-ups.

5. Arty Farty

The best podcasts for kids
Arty Farty – A Podcast for Kids

Sydney Opera House's Arty Farty Podcast is one of the best kids' podcasts for creative types. 

Arty Farty – A Podcast for Kids is for kids who've ever wondered what goes on behind the curtains at Sydney Opera House. Listen along to special moments, insights, tips, tricks and more from kids themselves, and creative types who appear at the Opera House.

6. But Why?

But Why Podcast
Answer all those burning questions!

The title pretty much sums up why this is one of the best podcasts for kids - it answers all of the weird and wonderful questions they come up with daily!

The science- and fact-based podcast for kids has a wide range of questions asked by kids and answered by experts in their respective fields. Kids can get to understand the world around them by getting answers to questions such as How Do Hurricanes Form? And Is It Ever Ok To Break A Rule? But Why? delivers new episodes every week and they run for 15-20 minutes. 

7. Story Seeds

Each episode of Story Seeds pairs a kid (aged six to 12) with a children's book author. They meet up in person and collaborate to write original stories that start with the kid's idea (i.e the "seed" in the name). Luckily they recorded a season's worth of episodes before we had to socially distance ourselves from each other! 

8. Wow in the World

The best podcasts for kids
Wow In the World is a hit with curious kids and their parents.

Aimed at kids aged six and older, Wow In The World was created with the aim of getting kids away from screens and into their brains—exploring concepts like space, science, technology, history, and innovation.
Perfect for curious kids who want to expand their horizons, the engaging hosts, Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas deliver a high-energy show that parents will look forward to just as much as the kids!

9. Story Pirates

Story Pirates
Story Pirates are a bunch of seriously entertaining vagabonds!

The Story Pirates aren’t your typical sailors—they don’t steal gold or claim land and they’re searching for a different kind of treasure: kids’ wildest, most imaginative thoughts.

Ideal for kids aged three and over and based on the knowledge that kids make up the best stories, the podcast takes story submissions from real-life kids, which the Story Pirates team then adapted into a radio play.

The Pirates are made up of comedians, actors and singers, meaning it’s guaranteed to be a seriously entertaining listen. Once the story has been told, the Story Pirates phone the original author and ask them to critique their performance, making for a fun ending.

10. The Beanies: Imagination Station

The Beanies Podcast
We love The Beanies!

The kids love this one but we have a sneaking suspicion the parents will be smirking at the in-jokes for adults that are peppered throughout the show. 

Imagination Station helps answer those curly questions kids throw at us such as ‘What are sneezes?’, ‘How do you make bubbles?’ and ‘Why can’t sharks play jazz music?’. Designed for kids aged three to eight it's brought to you by kids’ entertainment group The Beanies who launched the podcast on Kinderling Kids Radio in 2017.

In May 2018, Imagination Station won the Family & Kids Australian Podcast Award, so tune in and see why it's so great! 

11. Bedtime Explorers

Bedtime Explorers
All your podcast dreams come true!

The podcast of dreams for little ones who struggle to fall asleep, Bedtime Explorers from Kinderling is a meditation series that features the soothing tones of esteemed mindfulness coach, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz.

The podcast teaches meditation techniques that are surprisingly easy to grasp for kids as young as two, and they will quickly relax ready for sleep after flying through colours, breathing with the waves and listening to lots of animal sounds. 

If your kids are big fans of Bedtime Explorers, the podcast’s daytime version, Daytime Explorers will further your child’s development of confidence and life skills through using mindfulness techniques. An essential listen!

12. Short and Curly

Short and Curly
Short and Curly is full of fun facts and a barrel of laughs!

After going into the homes and schools of Australian kids, the Short and Curly podcast has uncovered some of the questions that seem to crop up in the everyday lives of Aussie children. This highly entertaining podcast delves deep into these questions, making it perfect for listening to as a family, then discussing together afterwards. 

Ranging from topics like school, animals and technology to pop culture and what the future looks like, this engaging podcast saves lots of room for silliness and will really get little minds thinking.

13. David Walliams' Marvellous Musical Podcast

David Walliams' Marvellous Musical Podcast
David Walliams' Marvellous Musical Podcast

An oldie but a goodie, everyone's favourite kids' author, David Walliams' released his Marvellous Musical Podcast back in 2019 and it's still creating a buzz in the kids' podcasts realm!

If your little one loves David Walliams (which Aussie kid wouldn't?!), then they're going to love going on a musical journey with Walliams as he explores and meets some of the most famous names from the history of music.

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